new bansky, hollywood
(via suicidewatch)


i woke up inside of the phone lines, that stalk this city. I’m wide awake and splitting hairs. i killed the cat with curiosity. i cant take this bait and hook. hammers trampled all the hands that i have shook.

looking for home is as uselsess as teeth on the bone.

     we were kissing those rodents and licking our lips

mangy feline made tramps of those rodents we kissed.

the fortune teller better count her marbles while she can, a stagger just my size

           can last a life span.

this is my band, song entitled ‘orange’

brand new - you stole

telling tellers tell me

mating saliva

A girl in a green mini-

skirt, not very pretty, walks

  down the street.

A businessman stops, turns

to stare at her ass

that looks like a moldy


There are now 200,000,000 people

  in America.

                               goodnight antoinette